Bells, Hearts, Acorns, Leaves

The Doppeldeutsche Schnapskarten Nr. 1730 by Piatnik is an interesting deck. I don’t have the instructional booklet but I do have some handwritten notes on these cards, I remember getting this deck from a Hungarian lady back in the late 1980’s. Part of my lineage is Hungarian as well. We exchanged decks, I gave her one of my Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck (gipsy cards-true legends as they are called by some).
I don’t know the history of this deck off hand but found it amusing to work with and found it is not as intricately woven in combo meanings as some of the Lenormand decks. Nevertheless, good amount of information can be achieved.


What is nice about this deck is that each of the court cards is designated to a person.
For example:
King of bells is the father or husband
King of hearts is the significant other (lover, boyfriend, etc)
King of acorns is the ex husband, widower, even man of law
King of leaves is usually a single man

I did notice that there are no queens in this particular deck. There are 2 jacks. There are 2 octaves of description for the jacks. The higher jack would be similar to a queen. The lower jack would be similar to the meaning of the knight in the Tarot cards -the coming or going of a matter. The deck I have has only 24 cards (blatts) but I have seen decks of 32 which is probably more common.


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