From ASS Altenburger Spielkarten

Book, Heart, Coffin

This variation of the Lenormand deck is also a lovely set of cards. They are very bright and the symbolism is in keeping with the French Cartomancy Lenormand deck among others.

In this trio, the book provides an explanation in a romantic matter-a secret to be revealed.
The heart card in the middle indicates that quite possibly there is “hidden” information from the seeker of the cards in a romantic/love situation.
The coffin card always means an ending of some sort. Some readers say that it is also a new beginning simultaneously, unlike the scythe card which is a complete severance.

However, if you notice in this particular deck the cloth on the coffin is to the right of the heart hinting that a a re-birthing of the romance probably won’t happen. If the coffin card was to the left of the heart card it would mean the opposite-it is possible.

The same holds true about the book card, the back of the book facing away from the heart card in this case indicates that “something hidden” will be revealed…..which leads to an end (coffin). If the book was on the right side of the heart card the secret will be eventually revealed but not right away-if the mountain follows the book card, don’t count on it for a long time. If the birds or rider card follow the book- you will hear it through the grapevine(gossip) or from a person (rider)

I read somewhere online that it took Madame Lenormand sometimes a whole day to interpret a layout, and now I can see why. At times, we the card readers feel rushed to produce a reading by talking at a steady pace for whatever reason- can’t tell the person to hang on while you think about it (wink)…it takes time to synthesize, blend, and get a feel of the essence of the reading. It’s the same for any deck of cards, but I think the Lenormand decks requires a good, solid understanding first -the combinations which are the true essence of the reading will come with experience. Exploring other readers techniques helps too -that is if they want to share their little secrets LOLOL – and I know that I do or I wouldn’t be writing about it.

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