Reading with Mystical Lenormand

I decided to use the Mystical Lenormand oracle cards to pose a question that is somewhat on my mind.

I am going to do a 3 card draw with a 4th card for clarification.
My question involves a relationship that is around me on an intermittent basis. I am wondering if it will go to the next level of development.

These are the cards I selected.
#12-the owls

At first glance those three cards don’t look threatening or detrimental to the possibility of development.
My focus was more on #27 the letter than the other 2 cards.

The letter on the Mystical Lenormand has a white bird (dove) facing to the left of the card holding a white envelope in it’s beak. There is a red seal on the envelope. In the background is a scene of a small study consisting of a desk, chair etc. The upper right hand corner is the Roman Numeral III which signifies the 3rd house of the Astrological Wheel. The 3rd house is ruled by Mercury and some of the significances are communication, short distance travel, siblings & immediate neighbourhood.

The bird faces #12 the owls. The 2 owls (usually 2 birds in a tree on some decks) are facing the viewer of the card. They sit on a fence of bricks and stones, behind a stone/brick archway. In the background, there appears to be a body of water with some other minor details. In the upper right hand corner is the symbol for the planet Uranus, and this symbol was not familiar to me. After about 15 minutes of research I finally tracked it down-and it the symbol used before the modern day glyph that we are accustom to. Uranus is a planet of unpredictability and intellectual freedom. It is the higher octave of Mercury, and the connection with communication ties in quite nicely with both the cards, owls + letter.

#9 the flowers is just that – a big bouquet in a large wooden vase(barrel) on some linen with the small table set back behind the window archway. There is a bumble bee on the right side of the flowers. The bee is not a hornet, but a species for the purpose of honey. Now could it be it is all about the sweetness? and as long as that continues the relationships develops? Interesting. The symbol for Jupiter is in the upper right hand corner, the planet repesenting abundance, long distance travel philosophical differences and expansion, etc. Also Jupiter is the ruler of the 9th house which is the number of this card-conincidence, maybe?

Traditional meanings for the owls/birds is 2 old people, gossip, excitement, agitation. I don’t feel all those meanings with the owls, though. I feel more like the owls are watching me quietly-they are usually more serene than a couple of chirping birds.

My sense of these 3 cards is that “observation” and “distancing” was going on. As far as answering my question about development, the flowers indicate growth or advancement. The letter tells me that in the now position, news will be shared and reviewed as to how this development will occur. One must remember, that sometimes taking a friendship to the next level can indicate-a cooling off period, too. The reason I say this is because any change is a change in level. This is not always a bad thing. There is no card indicating or hinting at severence or ending.

The clarification card was #28 the gentleman (the planet mars symbol in the right hand corner)- which would be the male I am asking about. This tells me that it is up to him, mars is the initiator of action. The gentleman card not only represents the man I am asking about but one of the meanings of this card is also the lover-and with that commitment is not always there. Good times, hmmm, maybe? To me, the answer is not specific. Just because this man might want to expand the connection (flowers)-the real question is, do I?

This brings me to the point of self-analysis. And now I am questioning myself, LOL – is this what I really want?

2 thoughts on “Reading with Mystical Lenormand

  1. Owls means nervousness and telephone calls. Letter means you will get a message. Flowers means luck as in getting engaged.

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