Heart + Snake

This combination needs extra attention in interpretation. The heart card can be the Jack of hearts ( a younger fair haired male) and the snake card represents the Queen of Clubs (medium dark haired female, of any adult age).

Possible meanings
-a couple
-mother (if the moon is very close by) + son
-a brother (if the house card is close by) + sister

On the other hand, the heart card (not all Lenormand oracle cards have the regular playing cards in the background) represents issue of a romantic, sentimental, emotional nature-mainly love relationship. But it can be love of job too (heart+anchor/fox). Actually it is mind boggling as to the myriad of meanings and the reader of these cards needs a solid understanding of all the multi-level meaning before even attempting synthesis involving several cards. You thought the Tarot’s 78 were challenging to learn when reversals are included, well-they were but not like the Lenormand deck. Just as an afterthought, you don’t have to use the multi-tier meanings or learn them. You can keep it simple, like the snake card is a betrayal, or the other woman in romance questions but the seeker of cards will want expansion on a 5 word sentence such as “I see another woman involved”.

Gentleman(assuming this card represents your significant other)+ heart + snake
=love of daughter
=love with another woman and it’s not you
=your lover will betray you

In gay(male) relationships- you lover is interested in a female.-your lover will betray you not necessarily with a female but a male (remember the heart card is a Jack).

The snake has symbolism not only in a negative fashion as enemy, lies etc BUT is also wisdom, intelligence, “being smart about something”. When you are outsmarted, it is negative for you but positive for the person that did it.

The snake usually does not attack unless it feels threatened -or provoked. Keep that in mind as well because, the snake will not come into play unless it smells/feels danger. Example- an emotional crack in a romantic relationship- If there is no crack (doubt/problems) there is no room for the snake’s influence.

Confused yet? ha-ha…don’t be -it will all make sense with time and practice.

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