Ask the cards-

I was asked to answer a question for a female friend in the field of romance/relationship.
Question: What is I need to know about my relationship with T. B.
I did a 3 card layout to answer this question..
These are the cards…..past, present, future.
#3-The ship/boat (10 spades) #36-The cross (6 clubs) #26-The book (10 diamonds)

At first I hesitated after seeing the last card representing the future, the book but continued to piece the three cards one by one.

The ship card indicated to me a distance in the relationship, either by miles or within the relationship. Change or some movement has occurred (past spot) between them. It can also mean the man she is involved with travels or deals with the public considerably. Because it is beside the cross card it can also mean a yearning.

The cross card can indicate a “hard test” or finalization of some aspect of the relationship. It is also a card of suffering and sacrifice. Because it is beside the ship card-the anguish can be profound and hidden because of not knowing everything. A karma card.

The book card depicted the unseen turn of events. Being beside the cross card, there is almost a fatalistic feeling. It seems a secret (something not known or hidden) will be revealed or discovered in the near future. My friend may be feeling this already as the cross card is in the now (present) position. Being silent about it is best, letting the relationship unfold in it’s own Karmic time but never forgetting that this will happen to what extent it is not known. The explanation will come.

I had the feeling I should get the lady draw another card for clarification. Sometimes this is necessary so you are not left hanging. You can’t very well tell the person seeking advice that it is a secret, now can you?
Card 4- clarification
#17 The stork (Queen of Hearts)
I nearly choked when I saw this card. This is a multi-dimensional card and should be carefully studied because it can represent another woman other than my friend. I will address the meanings of the stork symbolism. Change coming for definite in the relationship, either because of the influence of another woman or because she is the well kept secret. One of the stork’s meanings is “from the past” or “former situation”.
Let’s take this a little further -it can mean pregnancy as well in a broad sense with these cards, unlikely but possible. The two people we are talking about in this relationship are middle-aged and unable to produce children.
The stork card in relation to the question asked originally that is of a romantic/sentimental nature points to a reconciliation with a former lover, woman of the past. Taking it one step further it can also mean a new lover at a distance (as the stork card can be travel).
As the Queen of Cups, this woman would be a lover of family, sociable and basically a “nice lady”, which means that my very good friend could have been deceived all along for the purpose of emotional exploitation. NOT a pretty picture- I hope that I am not correct in this analysis for my friend’s sake but I also know that I probably am…and must relay those insights to her to prepare her for the “hard test”. The answer is still not crystal clear to me that it is the end of the relationship. Perhaps it is up to her how she handles the explanation that she will receive or that will be revealed. And that is half the battle of shifting our negative(fear/anger/sadness/hopelessness) energies into positive and rising above our “usual” or addictive pattern of response.

Remember-the old tapes can be transmuted.
Well, I must say that I had knots in my stomach reading these cards.

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