#1-The Rider

#1 The Rider, 9 of hearts. I have seen several Lenormand decks and the theme is common- a male riding a horse, heading either to the left or to the right of the card. I think this should be kept in consideration-the direction the horse is heading. Not because right is future and left is past but because you want to be aware of which card the horse/rider is looking at.

For example: The Scythe, The Rider (facing the scythe), The Sun

At first glance it seems the news will be sudden, unexpected and startling. This might have just occurred recently. It depends what layout you use, let’s say you are using the layout of 36 which is very common in Europe. If all three of these cards fall in the future area of the layout, the scythe is still the past of a future event and the sun is the result/outcome of that original news. Follow me so far.

In other words, those three cards depict “what lead up to the news, the news, the reaction to the news”. The cards can fall in the past, present or future area of the layout out.

Above all, don’t forget to factor in the surrounding cards in the block of usually 9 cards (at most) but definitely the cross (+) block of 5 . ( I am still learning how to upload pictures/diagrams- haha and eventually will include them in my posts).

I will continue my post …..about The Rider shortly…need to “clear” another new deck I want to use. That means by casting a circle of protection that will enable me to use this deck for the highest good of all seeking advice.

shortly thereafter-The Lenormand Rider card is the messanger card. It can predict travel, depending on what cards surround it- and I can’t stress this enough.
Sometimes it is actually a person, a traveller coming from a distance, or a visitor. It represents speed and intellect as shown in the Mystical Lenormand by the symbol of Mercury in the upper right hand corner of the card and the winged helmet on the warrior. Delivery of a message comes with sense of urgency. These days communication also comes in many forms.
If the Rider represents a new encounter (love interest) it will be intense, but the length of contact cannot be measured by just the card.

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