Stork + Ship

The Stork + Ship= airplane travel
stork+ ship + letter= travel tickets
stork+ ship + scythe= cancellation of travel plans
stork+ ship + mountain= travel to mountainous area
stork+ ship + cross=emergency travel or for the purpose of a funeral, especially if coffin is close by.
stork+ ship+ tree= air travel to see a sick person, or can be a spiritual retreat if moon is close by.

2 thoughts on “Stork + Ship

  1. I’m really enjoying your posts about the Lenormand. As I am still getting acquainted with this deck myself, it’s always helpful to see another’s notes.

  2. Thanks a bunch Lisa. I am in the process of transferring all my actual “findings” from readings I have done for others-by providing some deeper information which will be based on “real” results. -I have been amazed and stunned at the accuracy rate that can be achieved. I almost love it more than the Tarot- haha but once again they are 2 completely different tools. xox

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