How to keep your lover interested, last 3 Moon signs.

Moon in Capricorn= as with the sun sign dedication to profession, emotional patterns in a relationship are similar with the exception that there is romance. This one needs more than exploring the bedroom arena, individual career goals and achievement in such is a real turn on. The trappings of material success can lure and keep this lover. Can be very discreet just to get ahead. Love making is another power play and again the rest of the horoscope must confirm this intention.

Moon in Aquarius= fondness of a vast range of lovers, not for the sake of having hundreds of lovers but because of the open mindedness of this sign. A somewhat detached attitude which enable quick endings-not much emotional baggage with this sign as it is able to not get deeply involved. Try to be as free minded as possible in bed, with no hang ups about your body or what you are doing. Best to just let loose-and when it is over, move on.

Moon in Pisces= one of the most complex of moon signs, a sponge-absorbing, exploring and getting lost in the romance and mystical experience of love making. Truly a spiritual experience for this sign. There is no sacrifice too big. The offering of the body and soul takes this one into other dimensions. Try some fine red wine, slow entrapment, exploring the body slowly-it’ll be worth it-you could travel with the energy as well.

Next Venus in love is discussed……