How to keep your lover interested, next 3 Moon signs.

Moon in Libra= needs and wants it all. Good taste and manners important to this sign, in keeping with Libra sun characteristics. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty it’s not wonder that a slow, sensuous seduction would work out quite well. Too much caustic language is definitely not a turn on. These moon signs function best in “togetherness” in all areas. Best not to get too upset if they cast an erotic eye elsewhere.

Moon in Scorpio= intense & passionate. Attracted to more reserved signs because it brings a sense of “chase” and excitement. Keep in mind that their memories are excellent so it is best not to tell all your secrets in the love department for if you cross them -they will remind you that you are not exactly a saint either. Keeping this lover interested can be a full time job-however, other factors in the horoscope need to be considered.

Moon in Sagittarius= the freedom loving, can love many. Emotional commitments in a romantic relationship could be there but don’t ever ask for a guarantee or reassurance too often. “Space” is the keyword here. As far as the type of action you will receive in bed, try getting out of your own personality and throw some spicy language into it. Kaboom!

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces next


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