Horrors of the forgotten password+Mystic party.

I recently switched computers and had some passwords saved on my old computer. I ran into a nightmare lately because I could not remember the password on my paypal account as I have an E-bay account that I use often when searching for unique decks for foretune telling.
The problem is I also forgot 1 of the answers to 1 of 2 security questions. After several attempts I was denied complete access and told to telephone customer service which I did. Not once but twice-on hold for 10 minutes each time so I hung up. I am making a long distance call. So what next???
On top of that I just got an email from E-bay telling me to update my paypal to incorporate their LOGO….>>
So I started to fill out the form to open a new paypal account and it dawned on me…there are still some funds in paypal. I will attempt one more time tomorrow to call them….this is preventing me from concluding transactions pending.
All in all……..I am sooooooooooooooobw.jpg frustrated that I feel like screaming.
The Mystic Party yesterday turned out good…I was pretty “high” to say the least after I was done. It takes a lot out of my physically as I am in semi-trance when I do these sessions.
Now just to poke some fun at myself-maybe if I ask the cards what the password is- I will hear the answer LOLOL.

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