How to keep your lover interested, next 3 Moon signs.

Moon in Cancer= a sensitive soul, in need of constant companionship or at least the feeling of belonging to someone. A mothering/nurturing attitude to love-making. Show some care & consideration by being truly romantic with a good home cooked meal and save the dessert for the bedroom.

Moon in Leo= a youthful approach, likes children -younger minded people. Can be quite flashy and dramatic and possessive. Try to be open to different venues of romance. Sexy bedroom garments with a touch of regal will work. Social butterfly, so go out lots and show him or her off.

Moon in Virgo= likes well groomed partners. Better have a great sense of humor with this one. A long courtship is better than hopping in the sack right away. Try breaking the ice by just talking and having intellectual conversation. Being openly sexual may not always work, but a subtle hint will melt the coolness.

coming up Moon in Libra/Scorpio/Saggitarius


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