2 of swords + Tower

The Tower card of the Tarot can give you a wake up call that’s for sure.
Coupled with the 2 of swords (traditionally a stalemate in a decision) can explode into a revelation whereby the decision is brought on by external factors or outside influences.
When looking at the Tower card one must remember that it’s essence is “truth”, the real truth. The lightning bolt is what wakes you up and if you were sitting on the fence about some issue, guess what -the stalemate will disappear soon. If you have been procrastinating on a matter or situation-it will be resolved and light will be shed on it. As lightning sheds light in it’s course of direction.
Sometimes, it is a dawning of thought that the circumstances are not what you thought, but somehow knew on a subconscious level.
By making no decision, you still are making a decision, a decision not to decide.
These 2 cards, especially in spots 1 & 2, situation and crossing influence for positive or negative, can indicate as follows:

If the 2 of swords is first with the Tower crossing it horizontally (celtic cross layout) the above information I detailed applies.
If the Tower is the first card with the 2 of swords crossing it- the meaning is altered somewhat. Because of a recent or current rude awakening -a stalemate, or lack of movement in the situation is the result. This might be because the shock of it all leaves one immobilized for the duration of the reading. Always look to the last card to see the probable outcome.

As in all things……there is always something good that comes from what seems bad (and I use that word loosely). Someone very close to me had that combination and within 3 days suddenly lost her job due to downsizing or so the company said. She had no idea, no warning. My advice to her was that it is a blessing in disguise because it has enabled her to pursue other areas of interests. It is still tough to accept as her longevity with that company was approaching a decade. Her outcome card was the Star.

2 thoughts on “2 of swords + Tower

  1. I got these 2 cards i asked whats the energy around me today i got 3 cards fall out first was tower then 2 of swords them 8 of cups im pretty new to the tarot side i deal more with Oracle’s would love some feedback on what these cards means for others

    • Hi Sophie. The Tower card is about changes you either expect or don’t. As a daily draw the card’s energy is not as dramatic. The 2 of swords would be a decision you may be sitting on and with 8 of cups following you may just decide not to get involved. Let me know how it worked out.

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