How to keep your lover interested.

I briefly mentioned Moon signs in the Astrology category. I will expand on that topic within this category, because it is a topic that deserves it’s own section.

Venus and Mars are also significant in the chart, and can give more information on the type of lover you attract or want to attract. I will begin with the Moon signs.

Moon in Aries = this lover will be aggressive, wanting his/her emotional freedom, however expecting devotion. This type of lover does not tolerate suspicion and jealousy. A tad self-centered and needs ego stroked often. Variety within the relationship is the key -to keep the interest try role-playing.

Moon in Taurus = this lover will enjoy the comforts of home most of all and is really into “touching”. Flattery works. Once the emotions are given they are stable and solid even to the point of being dull sometimes. To spice things up- try romantic candlelit dinners with erotic scents.

Moon in Gemini = this lover will always have a kid like attitude, wanting to have fun. Sexual talk is a good stimulant and being open to expressing what works or doesn’t in bed. Other conversations should be added somewhere along the line, so if you know a little about a lot don’t be shy.

Moon in Cancer/Leo/Virgo next…………..


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