The cards reveal the truth

Using the Lenormand oracle cards I lay the 36 cards as described in a previous post. 4 rows with 9 cards across = 36.

I had something else in my mind- a pending vacation.
When I focused on the Gentleman card (male significant other regardless of legal status) I noticed a few card combinations which I wish to address. My reason for this is to help others interpret the high probability of this information.

Surrounding the Gentleman card mostly in the perpendicular row representing the present, and factoring the rows on either side of this row, as in just recent past, and immediate future I found a startling discovery which appeared to provide me with info that I would have rather not seen. However, the point of card readings is to reveal beneath the surface activity.

The cards involved are the stork, tree, heart, dog, child, key, coffin.
tree+stork(queen of hearts)= a long time friend. coffin+ heart +child=an emotional connection which did end has been re-kindled or reborn.
dog+stork= friend of past, a long time friend, definitely a female
gentleman+key=this man will need to resolve some issue from the past that may not have been completely over. His interest will be piqued again for some reason and he will need to find a solution.
tree+dog=can also mean a friend is ill or relays that info to the gentleman and he wants to offer assistance.

A few rows away, the path(road) card indicates he will need to make a choice or decision with regards to 2 women. The queen of clubs(snake cards) + possibly queen of spades(path) and the queen of hearts(stork). It appears there may be several women involved.

The lenormand oracle cards amaze me…..with the info provided. I would suggest though that all these cards also be looked at from a different perspective such as -the cards reveal the truth- even before the truth is revealed (wink, wink)

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