More combinations of the Madame Lenormand Oracle cards.

The mountain card plus
Birds= negative thoughts or self-limiting attitude
Coffin=some disappointment in regards to a goal or objective, if the coffin card falls after the mountain card then you will regain some hope in the same goal
Anchor=work will be slow, could be a layoff or actually unemployment
Clouds=your situation gets worse especially if the clouds card follows the mountain card, if it is in reverse order then-just when you think you solved some dilema another problem comes up.

The letter card plus
Snake= the news is not likely to be comforting
Scythe=information about a sudden turn of events
Ring= this can be an announcement of some agreement, possible engagement and it also depends if there are positive cards surrounding these 2 cards
Cross= news or information comes to you that will startle you, if the heart card is nearby then it is of an emotional/sentimental nature, if the anchor or fox cards are close by then the news is related to work


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