Lenormand oracle cards revealed

When the lady card is beside…+
clover=she receives a happy surprise of short duration
ship/boat=she is about to embark on a trip or has just returned
fox=can indicate a business woman, more than likely the person she is romantically involved with has a hidden relationship besides her- you guessed it…. deception. Now one other way to view this combo is that she can be over protective of her family and children
tower=can represent a lonely person, the tower could also be a hospital connection if the tree card is nearby, however if the anchor card is near, it will represent a tall office building\
stork= could indicate pregnancy especially near the child card as well. Mainly it means changes, movements through some emotional issue
heart=a romantic, not seeing the reality of a situation, possibly a young man admirers her
mouse=likes to spend, if beside the heart card as well…the slow disintegration of romantic feelings and if the gentleman card is every close to all these cards mentioned-he loses interest in her and vice versa.

Note: At least 6-8 cards need to be analyzed carefully before the essence of 1 single card should be expressed to your client or seeker of the reading. Some cards will modify for the positive or negative.


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