Reading cards is a responsibility.

I wish to discuss the responsibility of reading the cards and the clients involved.

No matter who you read for and no matter how you stress the fact that readings are for entertainment purposes there will always be that one person that takes it serious. THUS- it becomes your responsibility at that moment for that person’s reaction. YES, I know, we are not responsible for people’s reaction because that is their “stuff” BUT when you stop and think about it  you are responsible as a reader/ or anyone in the role of providing a consulting service. What you say plants seeds of suggestion.

You can argue all you want with what I just wrote and if you do you are missing the point of this post.

When a person reaches out to you for “help, insights, etc.” you MUST relay the information delicately and use your own intuition and ask for guidance to help you choose the words. Some people are vulnerable and easily swayed. It is of the utmost importance that YOU do not take the position of “God” or the all knowing Cartomancer.  Card readers can be wrong and even though your accuracy rate might be high. You are not always right. Tapping into the psychic frequencies requires that you get to a much higher dimension above the psychic realm where the “other” beings reside as well as the bullsh*tter beings and psychic vampires.

Remember, to ask for guidance so that you can discriminate between the bullsh*t foretune telling guidance and true information that is channeled from that highest source. Be aware of the psychic messages you receive. If you are a “cold card Cartomancer” then you probably don’t trust your psychic feelings. Intuition plays an important role in card delineation. Cold card readings can be quite informative but there is little Intuition involved.

I am not going to apologize for my opinion because this entry is not for seekers of readings but for those reading the seekers.


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