For many years, and in many ways I have known and expressed the power of intention (focus).  I do it mostly through creativity and the exploration of my own mind-which still never ceases to amaze me.  I test techniques and principles.  What works for me may not work for you, however the core principles of intention goes back eons.

The Magician card in the Tarot deck reminds me of this principle. Beside my computer I have the Magician card and the 2 of cups cards.  Everyday I glance at them.  I am reminded of my own capabilities through these 2 cards.

The Magician sends me the message of focus and direction for the energy of my thoughts.  And the 2 of cups is the blending of emotional energy, love/desire etc. which I think is necessary.  Passion is feeling.  To be passionate about your focus is the constructive fuel.  Passion is great when applied to something you enjoy.  I have a passion for writing & creating.  When passion is joined by results-driven focus, and some practical goal, you can be rewarded in a tangible way.  Can highly creative people be practical in a financial way? Yes, if they are grounded by something external.  I was going to say grounded within themselves, but you cannot open yourself up to total creativity and allow "ego" to keep you grounded. For me, that does not work, for you-it might. That would require enormous self discipline- and creativity is about letting loose -isn't it?  Channeled creativity cannot be disciplined only guided.  This is where timing comes in.  When it is the right time and let me expand on that thought.  Right time is not necessarily dictated by a clock- it can be a person.  It also can be a benefical Astrological transits-and that is a whole other category.

How do you know if it is the right or wrong time? The way I want to explain this is that there is a calmness within you coupled with a feeling of fullness.  You just know.  And when you just know-you don't think about it, analyze it, you accept it.  

One thing I do believe is that the right timing is backed up by the Universal energies and you had better be in the right (positive) frame of mind or you will get exactly what you think about.  Don't fear it cause you will get that too-

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