Seaqueen’s reading using Sun oracle cards

I shuffled the cards and lay them out in a circle of 12, starting at the far left for card #1.

I had several questions on my mind as I was shuffling and basically just wanted a general summary.

Position#1- Mercury in Aries card. This is too funny because in my natal chart I have Mercury in Aries. This card is suppose to tell me what my current frame of mind is and immediate circumstances. I am being true to my core personality as I am somewhat of a restless person, with several projects on the go at all times. Interestingly, this card shows that I am doing lots of writing (no kidding, lol), possible contact with the media. There is a warning within the card in this position, that I am prone to being challenging and argumentative. Since Aries rules the head, and position #1 can show the health-issues of insomnia would fit perfectly because Mercury rules thoughts.

Position#2- Moon in Virgo. This position will describe possessions, talents and physical abilities. LOLOLOL…so true- I have to start tidying up as in health regime and day-to-day procedures. Makes sense, what do you expect if Mercury in Aries is in the first position.

Position#3- Saturn in Cancer. This position is all about communication, short journeys, mental energy/telepathy. The way I want to interpret this is that I do a lot of charity work, as in no financial re-numeration..information presented on this blog takes time and energy and it given freely and that is what charity is.

Position#4- Sun in Cancer. Family, home, father or mother, gardens and solutions are represented in this position. The card expresses that there is parental contact and family traditions that I am exposed to. It also indicates reunions. It means that I have a strong need to collect and have difficulty getting rid of things. Good grief, it means I have set roots.

Positions#5-Sun in Gemini. Children-usually first born, love, creativity, gambling, hobbies, recreation, sports come under position #5. The card I chose means that in reference to children on of them may have a change in job or at least working at two jobs at once. Stretching this a little further a job in a recreational/sports atmosphere. Contact with brothers or sisters would come up as mercury rules that…and several trips surrounding that. Not sure if it my sibling or my children. Gemini would mean lots of communication as well.

Aug 13/07- the part of one of my children changing jobs came true about 13 months after this reading. Much communication in this new job.

Position#6- Jupiter in Aquarius-love this card already…looks promising. In this position ruling everyday life/work, health and service to others there is an indication that I will come up with some unique, unusual way to solve my problems. Could expand into some friendships or group connections I am not aware of just yet.

Aug 13/07 – actually this part of the reading is happening right about now- group connections etc. as well as what I wrote in the comments.

Position#7- Moon in Cancer. This position describes the partner, husband/wife, contracts, marriage agreements, certain relatives, the second born child. Hmm, don’t know if I like the meaning of that card-I will be involved in a situation where a family member or close friend will need a sympathetic ear. Development of psychic talents etc. One step further for the second born can foretell about a new friend.

Aug 13/07- another ditto! Sympathetic ear many times. Second child did meet a new friend…..and now more than friends- relationship partners.

to be continued

One thought on “Seaqueen’s reading using Sun oracle cards

  1. position1 came true-I did have minor health issue involved congestion in the head and a bad cough & cold early August.
    position4 came true- the reunion was with my son late July.
    position6- came true, the group connection was the Prophets Conference in Vancouver (Just for the health of it-theme)
    position7 came true-the second born child(my son) has a new friend (female)

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