Reading continued

Position #8- Venus in Virgo card. This position rules shared resources, health/work of siblings. Death or end of things. The card’s meaning is that I need to be very selective using my powers of discrimination. A compete makeover in all things under the ruler-ship of position #8. If it also signifies siblings, then there could be a love affair requiring discrimination around a sibling. A warning to be cautious about decisions regarding my resources or end of matters.

Position #9- Moon in Sagittarius card. Long distance travel, philosophy, publishing. law, education or foreign cultures comes under this position. Jupiter rules position #9 naturally, so there is a double intensity to this placement. It shows that a long trip is immediate or a visit from someone from a distance. Planning a holiday. Even being contacted by someone from my past(moon)…I will be optimistic about an opportunity that involved educational/philosophical pursuits and even publishing.

Aug 13/07- over and above what I wrote in the comments section. The long trip was me going to the west coast and attending a convention.

Position #10- Moon in Pisces card. This position reflects career, profession, life direction, achievements and standing in community. Very interesting, I could develop a new service or product that will fill public’s tastes or general needs. Talent in sensing what the public mood is and to service that mood. In my natal chart by birth I have my moon in the 10th position. This is getting rather eerie because the layout is giving me information that I already know to be true.

Aug 13/07- the new product is has been delayed and should be reading sometime in October-November 07.

Position #11- Mars in Gemini card. Under ruler-ship in this spot is friendships, groups of people, hopes, dreams, causes, humanitarian issues. The meanings are a letter with regret involving one of the above. A possible argument or fight over the written word. There seems to be a quick decision(gemini) that I will make, more than likely fueled by anger(mars). I sense that I will make a decision in haste possibly because of or due to a friendship.

Interesting, there was a heating discussion with a Gemini-May 20 and it involved causes etc.

Aug 13/07- there have been many heated discussion particularly when a family member took ill in Oct ’06.
Position #12- Mars in Taurus card. This position is indicative of all that is hidden. Long term illnesses. Large insitutions (hospitals, jails, libraries etc). Karma and the collective unconsciousness. Having a mars(the drive) related card in this spot means I will defending something I value under this position. Not clear yet…starting up a business that relates to all that is hidden/unconsciousness. Fighting off health related issues..taken a step further -visiting someone in large institution.

Aug 13/07 -the large institution were hospitals related to health issues. Not sure what I was defending but it could be that I was adamant about the proper medical attention for a family member when an incorrect diagnosis was given.

One thought on “Reading continued

  1. position8- news of the death of my best friend’s gentleman friend (died May 25th)
    position9- eerie, long trip materialized August 1st- visit from someone at a distance (my son) -opportunity that involves educational/philosophical pursuits/publishing- Prophets Conference, autographed books.
    position10- a new product and service pending -posting on blog when ready
    position11- how true is this? very- received email from a gentleman friend ending our connection and it was abrupt-there was a heated discussion prior to this situation.
    position12- I did fight off a health issue, my own. The business related to all that is hidden/subconscious is a workshop in progress.
    Oh I almost forgot position5-“in reference to children on of them may have a change in job or at least working at two jobs at once. Stretching this a little further a job in a recreational/sports atmosphere”-that would be a situation that concerns my daughter…and yes it is a recreational/sports atmosphere-ditto right on.

    I would give The Sun oracle cards reading a high accuracy rate now that I have studied it 3 months later- worth a try with this deck.

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