Clouds, Snake, Fox & Gentleman

I was asked a question today "should I go" by J.

The cards chosen were #6, #7, #14 and as a last thought #28.

#6-the clouds- King of Clubs

#7-the snake-Queen of Clubs

#14-the fox-9 of clubs and #28-the gentleman-Ace of hearts

I did not know what the details or circumstances were around the question. It just required a yes or no.

I came up with the answer NO. The snake card in the middle told me it was about a female, possibly med-dark haired and older.

Seeing the (clouds)King and (snake)Queen of Clubs is interpreted as a married coupled or these days living together. The indication was a couple was involved.

The fox (#14) could be some deception around the circumstances that were not known yet, or quite possibly work related in the broadest sense.

When I saw the gentleman card (#28) I was convinced the answer was NO and that there was another male involved, possibly a relative-an uncle. But the sense was that it was not a good idea because of another male's influence…

After relaying my findings to the person asking me, my answer was confirmed and it was NO. And there was another male involved, but not a relative ….someone who acted like a relative.

Bravo! Lenormand oracle cards. Ditto, right on.

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