1. The baby

The baby card depicts a baby in a wooden cradle on top of an area rug. On the top-left side of the card is a window with a ledge holding a flower in a clay pot. Looks like baby has a soother.

Babies or children are usually the beginning or birth of something. A newness. In alot of cases it can represent actual children and depending on the closest card you can determine which gender it is, a boy or girl.

Baby also represent worries because they are not able to look after themselves yet and they need supervision, therefore any new project require nurturing and tending.

baby+letter= news of new responsibilities, news of birth, news with incomplete data.

baby+death= end of a plan, died aborting, profound transformation with a new beginning, the beginning of the end


2 thoughts on “1. The baby

  1. Hi! Norway calling!

    I have trouble understanding the interpretation of the cards especially when I lay out the five cards spread. Yesterday I asked about my career, whether I should continue or not. I used the five cards spread.

    In the first position – Baby

    Second Position – Death

    Third Position – Hope

    Fourth position – Lover

    Fifth position – Message

    Than you for a interesting and helpful website.


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