Mind chatter.

I started to doze off after reading a few pages from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book called the Power of Intention, when the chatter in my mind began full force.

I don’t know who or what was talking to me, didn’t feel like soft spoken Madame Seaqueen with her messages from other realms. This must have been my ego. The battle between ego and intuition is a constant war in many people.

And so I thought about tons of things that made no sense and half of it was “what ifs”. I started to enter dreamland as I heard the birds outside of my window chirping. The Voice does not come when I am blocked with all this chatter and I do believe she wanted to make contact. We all have that voice -I just happen to have named it. It is the voice of our higher self that is connected with those other light beings where everyone knows everything instantaneously.


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