Another deck for my collection

Another deck to add to my collection came from Chapters. It is a reproduction of the 1940 Whitman deck. I probably already have it, lol. They remind me of the Svetlana Russian gyspy cards -pretty darn close but they aren’t that deck because I already have those. I have not written about the Svetlana deck because to my way of thinking it is just a wonderful deck to have when you have a party and you try and match up the cards. You read from the book and everyone goes oooo and ahhhh. Seriously, though I love the deck, too but never quite got into the memorization. I have to tell you a story about that deck, a friend of mine went to see a “psychic” and she used the Svetlana deck and read right from the book. My friend told me that she could have bought the deck herself and read from the book it would have been cheaper than the psychics fee or donation as she calls it. LMAO.
The Whitman gypsy cards and again are different from gipysy cards-that title belonging to Zigeuner deck. Are we confused yet? The quality of the deck I got was not the best card stock so I wasn’t too pleased with that because after much usage I suspect the cards would tear, crease and bend unlike the Tarot decks of yesteryear. I still use the 1971 Rider deck, very good condition despite it’s age.

Lady Lorelei