Another relationship question

Question: will ** and JG continue to see each other?

I used the 10 card celtic cross for this reading on March 9th, taken from my notes.
1. NOW-Tower -a rude awakening is pending, a jolt of reality. Truth or sudden realization.

2. INFLUENCE UP TO 6 MONTHS-4 cups-a waiting game, signs of boredom
3. PAST-queen swords- a woman saddened through life, solitude
4. JUST PASSING-page of wands- normally good news and messages but beside Tower, the information will be disruptive and emotionally shocking.
5. NEAR FUTURE INFLUENCE-5 pentacles-since my question was about an emotional issue, this cards shows that two people will have difficulty getting together, also physical (tangible)change, near Tower possible financial problems.
6. COMING SOON up to a few months. Magician-the message of this card is what you think and wish will manifest, so stay positive.

7. BASIC PSYCHE OR ATTITUDE ABOUT QUESTION. Page of Cups-JG is too emotional and looking at her feelings about this instead of focusing on other more concrete matters.

8. ENVIRONMENT/WHAT HE THINKS – Queen of Wands-typically that would be JG’s card when she is balanced, however she seems to fit the Queen of Swords more because of personal emotional tragedies and is alone with a male partner. So it is either another fair haired woman he is thinking about or JG. ?Two queens in a layout do point to a rival.

9. HOPES/FEARS- 4 pentacles- hope is stability or grounding, knowing where JG stands and the fear would be the flip of that worrying that she will lose what she has to get what she desires. dichotomy.

10.OUTCOME CARD-6 wands-Positive card, it means an overcoming of just about anything to do with this question/man. Being victorious on an emotional level, however it could be a hollow victory.

UPDATE: April 26, 2006 – There was no contact between this person and JG ever again to this date. The first card The Tower held the answer-a rude awakening is pending, a jolt of reality. Truth or sudden realization..

This reading was 100% accurate