Sweetheart card

Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten / Gipsy Fortune Telling Cards Nr. 1 are identical to No 1901 with the exception that the latter has 6 languages and the other has 4 languages.

In Europe, laying out the cards is called map pulling…The first card I want to discuss is the sweetheart, geliebte, bien-aimee, ljubavnica, amante, szerelemes no -and no I am not using a keyboard to install some of the accents, not yet anyways.In this picture you see a pretty young woman sitting on a table of sorts. It’s difficult to tell if it is wood or cement. Her dress is a pinkish colour, fully flowing and she wears beads around her neck with a pendant. Her feet are not visible. In the background there is partially blue sky but mostly clouds. A few branches with leaves are seen as well as a shrub/tree. In the left hand corner at the top of the card is a heart. It is not one solid colour of red, half is a darker blackish red.

Looking at her I get the impression she is bored and sitting there in a rather uncomfortable pose. If you look closely at the outline of her figure her posture is a display of her goods.

This card in a man’s reading represents the love of his love, a mistress, someone that he is interested in and maybe doesn’t know how to approach. The cards surrounding her will tell the man who is getting the reading done, what role she plays in his life and what circumstances are really around her. A good way to find out, eh.

In a woman’s reading, sweetheart represents herself and once again depending on the adjacent cards the theme is developed around the current situation. Now I will back track for a bit because if she lies in the future side of the layout -the right side and once again I have the 4 rows of 9 cards layout in mind. Just to keep things simple at first.If the sweetheart lies in the “present” in the man’s reading, he will either speak to her that day or see her.

If the woman is consulting the cards, she will always be in the “present” -therefore all cards surrounding her in that direct vertical line will describe that days events, possibly 2-3 depending if the cards are of obstacles etc.

You see there is a tremendous amount of information that needs to be synthesized before a reader should even begin to speak of the meanings. A thorough knowledge of each card is necessary because you can’t very well tell your client, “oh, just hang on while I think about it for 5 minutes.” You could stall but it’s better not to and to maintain the flow of the reading. Move on to something else and go back to it.


Note: was, is and will be is for past, present and future segments of layout. ‘s’ represents sweetheart below.

s/letter=news was, is or will be received by physical means, email, letter, msn, telephone, but usually in .

s/gift=a gift was, is or will be received

s/child=pregnancy, concern over a child, a new beginning with the next card to it

s/merriment=going to a dance, out on a date, party etc.

s/death=did, has or will experience a sad circumstance. An ending but always with the hope of re-birth. If the widow or widower is next to the death card, it could give you the gender of the person that passed, has passed or will pass on.Another way to interpret this card is a darkened heart filled with grief. False hope.



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