Map of cards


When you are using the 36 cards of the Lenormand deck you shuffle them and concentrate on something of significance. The interesting thing about this method is that you can actually find out information about anyone or any situation as the card depicting the person or situation will have at most 8 cards surrounding them.

Once the shuffle is done, then the deck is cut into 3 piles to the left or 3 piles towards your heart. Do it in a way that is comfortable for you. Gather back into 1 pile and commence laying out the map as I call it or layout.

The layout consists of 4 horizontal row containing 9 cards each. Now there is another variation to that, 4 rows of 8 cards with 4 cards laidd across the top or bottom -these 4 cards are interpreted as imminent, as in the unknown now. Choose either map of the cards, but keep it consistent. I will use 4 rows of 9 cards in this case.

The first thing you have to find is your card. If you are a female, locate the Ace of Spades which is the Lady card, if you are a man, locate the Ace of Hearts. If your deck doesn’t have the regular deck on them, then the lady card is #29 and the gentleman card is #28.

Once you have found your significator card, the row it lies in vertically above and below is the present circumstances. If your card lies on the edge of the right hand of the map, you will have to re-shuffle because you have no future cards to read. This shouldn’t alarm you, sometimes this happens when a person is caught up in the past or is about to embark in a radical change in the near future. On the other hand, if your card lies on the edge on the left side, then there is no past to read. If you are doing your own cards, it’s ok unless you have questions about the past and need clarification. If you are reading for someone else, they need to re-shuffle and do the layout again. But no more than 3 retries at a time. Leave the reading for another day or use another layout like the Tarot’s celtic cross.

If your card is on the edge in the top row then whatever events are to follow in the future are pretty much predetermined (external influences mostly), if your cards lies on the edge in the bottom row then you a master of your direction in the near future (less external influences). Follow me so far. This is very important to understand as it is factored in the reading.

OK, so you have found your card and hopefully it is somewhere in the middle of the map of cards. The line that is horizontal either way including your card in that row will be the line of past behind your card and future in front of your card. For example:


The Past You The Future


The meanings of the cards become intricately woven when they fall beside certain cards, modifying the meaning either for the better or worse. Really the first step is to learn each card’s core meaning, one or two words at the beginning or this whole process will become overwhelming and you will give up. Some Madame Lenormand decks have the pictures and the regular card imposed on the top as well as a number 1 through 36. Find a way that is the easiest for you to learn, and to remember.

The method of learning the cards will be covered in the upcoming posts -first all 36 with key sentences and then one by one with more extensive explanations.

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