Layout study

KEY, ANCHOR, PATH, DOG, CLOUDS, BEAR plus accompanying cards

key-solution, wishes fulfilled, luck in business, the work card
+birds- “2”, communication, happy journey, sudden unexpected bits of luck, someone trying to reach me

anchor-stability, hope
+house-fair haired older male, a house playing a significant role + mountain=cold house, rules and regulation-no recreation allowed.

path-a choice, making a decision, fair haired female, important decision pending
+ship-travel, “goods”, long distances-UPDATE MARCH 13TH- I did go on a trip out of town yesterday and there was a fair(gray)haired woman involved.

dog-faithful friend (however clouds with it-false friends), do not trust a certain male
+letter-news, a letter with information by mail, (the rider card above it means the letter or news is from a distance, ie-telephone call) UPDATE MARCH 13TH-I did receive a phone call a few days ago from an older man that is possibly untrustworthy.

clouds-minor irritation, obstacles coming, depicts an older dark haired male or a father/brother/old man
+mouse-loss, theft, slowly, a nagging problem gnawing energy + letter= a bill/invoice

bear-strength, a mother figure, protective influence, (close to the clouds could be agitation)
+bouquet-a gift, generally a good omen card, a dark haired female

some additional combinations.
coffin+snake=insidious disease which corrodes, an end by treason,
coffin+stork+mountain=a difficult change hard to accept 20-55 day span(update April 19th-son didn’t make it home for Easter weekend holiday)
tower+my card=hospital connectionUPDATE MARCH13th-I had a scheduled visit at a medical building, not exactly a hospital but could be interpreted as such.
clover+whip=arguments with sudden endings
house+ship= a major move, being away more than at home, moving out (fell in 2nd column from my card)
ship+path=a choice to travel + letter= travel ticket, news about a trip. A car.
house+anchor=an opportunity to work from home
house+stork+child=news of a birth
snake+birds=a business woman in communication industry

4 thoughts on “Layout study

  1. hello Madame Seaqueen,
    I really enjoy reading your blog and I’ve learnt a lot of things that improved my knowledges in Lenormard.I’ve been reading your old post and this one paied my attention.Does this reading belong to a Grand Tableau?
    my best wishes,

    • Thank you Tina for your comment. Glad you are enjoying the articles. It make it all worthwhile when people such as yourself gain some information through the posts. I, too, learn on a continuous basis even though I have Read cards from a very young age. Yes the cards are part of a full board layout (grand tableau). Happy Cartomancy. Jozefa Seaqueen

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