Brief Intro to the Sibilla oracle deck

This deck is published by very popular Lo Scarabeo.After looking at the 52 cards, I liked them in a subtle kind of way. The art work reminds me of the Wong Tarot Revelations deck that came out a few years back, which of course I own as well.The instructions in the deck were on 3 cards in Italian, and a tiny English insert with what is suppose to be instructions which it is I guess.

The meanings of the cards are not in the instruction leaflet, bummer. The cards have pictures on them and the regular 52 deck is inserted which corresponds to the cards. There are 4 languages, Italian, French, English, German -simple keywords on the card.To me, this deck has a subtle sadness to it, not much overwhelming joy but usual very good decks are like that because it is important not to concentrate too much on breathtaking artwork. The reason for that is it leaves little for psychic interpretation. If you have a picture hanging on the wall that is intricately painted so there is no mistaking what the object of the painting is, you may not look beyond it. But if you have the same object that is less defined….you fill in it with your mind/emotions.

I have to laugh, why is it that almost all fortune telling decks have an enemy and thief card? equivalent to snake and mice in the Madame Lenormand decks.A blond woman, eine blonde frau, una bianda, une blonde is the 8 of hearts. The picture is of a young woman in a long gown showing the bottom of one of her legs. She is wearing a lace up shoe, looks like a ballet slipper. Her dress is muted green with a pinkish short shawl around her shoulders. In her right hand it appears she hold some type of flower  close to her nose. Her hair is up in a dog bone bun with red ribbons. Around her neck is a long chain with a cross. In her left hand she holds what I thought was a pinkish hanky but I see tiny leaves so it probably is a few flowers. In the right hand upper corner is the number 43.

Ok so now if I was doing a reading, it is evident that this represents a blond woman excluding of course the black hair. Blond is a light colour-it is a positive feeling. More on these cards for sure once I compare them to the Wahrsagekarten deck and Lenormand deck.


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  1. Hello Seaqueen

    I just bought this deck today, by accident , i thought i was getting an other one, but since I couldent open them and there are like 8 decks named Sibilla, I ended up getting this one. So i decided instead of locking them up inside a drawer somewhere i would make use of them.

    I decided to try them out on myself. And i used the spread indicated in the little booklet. My question is regarding the second deck which rules health, the body and chance encounters.

    I drew out “anger” and “Waiting” , and since i had doubt that i would be infuriated in the future i drew a third card and the”angry woman” popped out. I was wondering what you thought of this regarding health. I might make someone get really angry ( a woman ) since im a dude, and that would cover the chance encounters thing. But regarding healt, unless i grow boobs and become really angry about it dosent make much sence to me.

    Thank you.


    Have a pretty day.

  2. Hello APo,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Sibillas are gaining in popularity and they can mean whatever you want them to mean. You can form your obvious interpretation by looking at the image or a delineated meaning from the combination of 2 cards.

    In all fairness, the Sibilla Indovina deck is a wonderful deck to use despite my post- it did not click with me, initially,perhaps it will click with you. I am a long time user of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten even before it became mass produce & it is one of the original sibilla decks.

    As a rule, most practitioners of cards prefer not to answer health questions because it is a delicate subject. “My question is regarding the second deck which rules health, the body and chance encounters.” Not sure what you mean by second deck?

    Personally, I prefer not to read a fresh deck until it has been “properly conditioned using the Wheel of life method”. I think I may have wrote a post about that back in April 2006, of course, it may have been the other blog I had on Blogger haha.

    You are right the 3 cards don’t make sense in relation to your question. However they might answer something else that could have been on your mind involving a fair haired female (Angry woman- Queen of Diamonds).

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