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:arrow:  Free Readings are not available due to the high volume of requests. Other questions are welcome. I will respond in a timely manner. Madame Seaqueen.

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  1. Hi Madam Seaqueen, I follow your blog on regular basis, so I wanted to read the Clover explanation. The font however on that page makes it really hard to read. Just thought you would want to know that.
    Warm regards,

  2. Hi Madam Seaqueen – I wondering of you could help me? I am trying to get Regina Russell’s book, but her website will not accept non-USA orders (I live in the UK), and I cannot find an e-mail address for her? Any ideas ;) Thanks.

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your question. If you make a comment on her website informing her that you are from the UK and wish to purchase her book she/or one of her staff representatives should reply to the email you submit in the comments form. I contacted her like that once. The staff is prompt with replies. I think her handbooks is one of the best systems. I have used it for years and found the system quite accurate. Let me know how you make out. Of course, you could snail mail her the address is on the website as well. Seaqueen.

  3. Hello Madam,
    I just want to write you a quick note to thank you for being so passionate about the culture of Mlle Lenormand oracle and I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance. You can if you want to get to know my visit a few sites:

    Good luck and good day light to you!

  4. Dear Madam Seaqueen

    I have spent the last week reading your blog with great interest. I have recently purchased a deck of ZIGEUNER Gipsy fortune cards, I was wondering do you have a booklet of the interpretations of the cards as I am really keen on learning them.

    Gail x

  5. Dear Seaqueen,

    I cannot remember about the Lenormand card below the significator. Does it mean something they’ve overcome or are facing in the near future?

    Also, when someone has a dog and they’d like to include their dear pet in their reading do you elect the dog card to be that dog? People might think that’s obvious but it means friendship too and might be appropriate for another area of their spread. I’m just not sure.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Rhea:
      Thanks for your questions. If you are doing a full board reading (Grand Tableau) the card falling beneath the Significator card is something they are stepping into. Sometimes it’s that day and other times the next day or so.
      Yes, many people use the Dog card as a pet. This card could represent a cat, too, but cats are not as loyal as dogs, lol, and I mean that in a funny way. You can use cards to mean different things in different themes. For example: the Snake card can be a person or a warning. The Tower card can mean separation or a very tall person if someone is asking for a physical description. Even with the Clouds card the person could have their head in the clouds. And so on… Hope that helps. Madame Seaqueen

  6. WOW Thank you Seaqueen for your fast reply. It just so happens that I was doing a Grand Tableau and the clouds fell beneath me… I guess I’k stepping into confusion soon or having my head in the clouds.

    And I will start using the Dog as my dog. The snake usually represents a friend of my mother’s… not that she’s as bad as the snake but her coloring and other factors always show her in my spreads as the snake card.

    I saw another post where they put the cards into “Houses” and what I think they do is lay the cards from two different decks on top of each other. I’m still learning how to read the Grand Tableau with one deck, lol, so I can’t get that confused. Do you do it with the Houses ever?

    Thank you sooo much for your quick and most helpful reply !


    • Hi Rhea: I have certain days when I answer comments and emails and today’s one of those days. :) Actually, I’m working on a post right now on reading the Houses. It’ll be 1 or 2 posts long because there’s lots of info to cover. I tend to use one or the other. I, either read the Lenormand cards & combinations or just the Houses. Sometimes I’ll do a little of both but it is mind boggling. To me – simple is best.

  7. I had my cards read recently. I had the 10 of diamonds come up in the last row. she told me that it was probably a lottery win, big money. But my question is if you use the entire deck, the 10 of diamonds is going to come up somehere….so is it placement? I need to believe!!!! Thank you

    • Hi Carol
      Thanks for your comment. If you use the entire 52 cards the 10 of diamonds may not come up unless you use all 52 cards and that would be a complicated layout only attempted by the really experienced Cartomancer. The 10 of diamonds is a money card. If the layout used has designated positions it would be factored as well. Can you tell me a little more about the layout and cards around the 10 of diamonds? Believing leads to manifestation as long as you are clear why you need the money. Seaqueen.

  8. Great idea Madame Seaqueen. I’d also like to know what cards were around the 10 diamonds? It doesn’t always mean a lottery win; can be just improved circumstances; can be electricity; can be Springtime; can be a westward direction; a large sum of $ yes and success; can be security, or new beginnings; a focus on money matters; even can mean strong spiritual values. So, it would be interesting to note which cards are surrounding it that may lead the card reader to state a lottery win or big money.

    • Hi: It all depends whose system you use. I am fond of Regina Russell’s cartomancy meanings. In her handbook she tells you the 3 cards involved in an unexpected win, mind you it could take years versus months to materialize. I read the 10 of diamonds as a financial opportunity with positive results.

  9. She had them in 4 rows, the 10 of diamonds was in the last row about half way down with a 4 on top of it. She said the money would come April 2014. That is all I really remember about the placement. Thanks!

    • Hi Carol: Sounds like this person had her own created layout. Often Cartomancers have special layouts and meanings based on their past experience. I can see how 4 would be April as it is the 4th month of the year. As far as the meanings of the playing cards there are way too many systems but one thing about the 10 of diamonds it is usually read as a money card. Time will tell which is really the only way to judge accuracy. Hope it manifests for you. Actor Jim Carrey wrote a check to himself and kept it in his wallet of an amount he wanted many years before he hit it big with the movies. It came true for him. Seaqueen

  10. Hi Madame Seaqueen, My wife and I have recently started a website for people around the world who would like to learn the Lenormand Astro Mythological Tarot Deck. However, we are perhaps not gaining the interest that we expected after one week of our site being advertised on google, facebook, gumtree, graigslist and classified etc.
    What would you suggest for promoting our site among the relevant audience globally? Indeed would you know anyone who would be interested in Lessons or Consultations in California or around the world?

    • Hi Eric: Thanks for your comment. Do you have a Twitter account? If not, that is one way of letting people know about your website. Also, by creating a Facebook page. It does take time to establish a following. Purchasing lessons is a great idea but in my humble opinion I would offer some en gratis information about the Tarot & Lenormand. (Add a blog to your website.) This will show the reader what to expect and why your courses set you apart from everyone else. Hope that helps. Seaqueen.

  11. Thanks for the reply Seaqueen. Our website does not have a blog, but we have expressed an offer of a free lesson within the lessons page too. The other social networking aspects you mentioned above have been covered, as well as google search criterias for the website. I can add a blog today.
    We have had our first unique visitor to the site from Cambridge, Canada several hours ago. That may have come from our advert in the Canada section of that site. As you said above, these things take time.

    • Hi Eric: Another possible choice is to offer the free lessons on Scribd. When people do a search on the Lenormand your document or pdf will come up and they’ll see your website link. All the best.

  12. Hello Madame Seaqueen, I have in my possession a set of cards “Zodiac Circle Playing Card Game”. I bought them from an estate sale about 13 years ago. I played with the cards and strange things happened. Its hard to explain exactly how the cards kept falling into the same alignment time and time again, when I was reading my own horoscope. I was a little intimated with the playing cards and I hid them away for over 10 years. I recently found them in my stuff while searching for an older document. I don’t want them in my home. I was thinking of selling them. Is that a good idea?

    • Hello: Thanks for your comment. The odd time I post a short reading from a question in the comments section. If you have a deck please tell me what it’s name is and the 3 cards you have selected. Please include your question within the guidelines. I do not offer professional advice. I do offer tutorial readings so that others may learn as well.

  13. Hi Seaqueen! I love your resource for the meanings on the Art Deco fortune telling cards, as I have just purchased them recently. My question to you is on card 19. Old Man = senior, retirement, longevity, the ex- It says the ex- then cuts off…does this mean the ex like an ex-boyfriend or ex-lover etc. I just wanted to clarify, as I am adding your list with the meanings as a resource guide to my own personal list of card deck interpretations. Thanks! : )

    • Hello Beth: Thank you for your comment. You will enjoy playing with the Art Deco fortune telling cards. 36 of the meanings are identical to the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy cards) and 32 meanings are identical to the Beidermeir fortune cards.
      You can probably distinguish them at this link better. I will be offering a tutorial handbook on this deck keeping with tradition & simplicity. Hope it’s ready by early 2014 but first I need to complete the other Lenormand handbook I’ve been writing since 2006, lol.

      That is correct, the ex- to cover all ex’s, lol. Let me know if I can be of any other assistance. Thanks again. Madame Seaqueen.

  14. Great, I’ll buy your manual when it comes out then! I’m really excited to use them as I have a collection of decks…I heard they are simple, but very accurate : ) Thanks for your help!

  15. Hi I went to go look at your meanings for the lenormand cards and its password protected. Is it possible to get the password? Thanks! Trina

  16. Hi Madame seaqueen
    Really enjoy your posts, just sharing views on the good side of ‘bad cards ‘ . Like most readers enemy, thief, falseness etc make you gasp, but misfortune can be such a positive card, as in one of my daily draws concerning a good male friend of mine who is going through a difficult divorce, pressures in business and very low self esteem issues,
    During the draw the usual doom and gloom surrounded him but then my Card came out, followed by misfortune but then a stream of beautiful positive cards, it dawned on Me this man saw our relationship as a saviour rescuing him from this painful transformation .
    I’m still looking at the other negative cards to try and find various positives and alternative views.
    Thanks for inspiring us

    • Thank you so much Karen for sharing. Your feedback will help others to view the Misfortune card with more positivity. Yes, I totally understand the “saviour” element as fireman rush in to save those who are in a state of emergency in situations as well as with their emotions. I do believe that all cards have “good” and “bad” energy. If you experience other cards in this way please don’t hesitate to comment your findings. Thank you for your kind words. <3 Madame Seaqueen.

  17. Hi Madame seaqueen – thanks for your kind response,
    I’m a lover of the gipsy cards which I’m finding have so much depth and accuracy if you let them speak to you, obviously instinct plays a big part as well as the traditional meanings, sometimes even black and white is the simplest way. Sometimes however it just didn’t make sense?? here is my twist on 3 more cards which May help budding readers.
    I’m using this in a romantic/ relationship context -adapt accordingly.
    ENEMY :
    The man is hiding and it is dark but dawn is approaching in the distance
    Could mean time is of the essence, whatever is planned has got to be done soon
    Someone is void of all confidence
    someone is admiring us from afar
    Things will look better in the morning light

    2 Men casually playing cards. One has bet his pocket watch and is willing to lose a possession – TIME again features in this card. .
    This could mean it’s time for ‘cards on the table ‘ talks –
    Reveal your hand
    You have nothing to lose

    THIEF :
    A very sparse house not much to take but the thief has looted a small bag of something. Perhaps the house has been vacated .
    This could mean there is nothing left to take of any value
    A person or situation is ‘spent ‘
    the thief is taking something away we don’t want and have left behind
    Something has stopped us from doing what we intended to

    Obviously other cards around will fill you in on the situation ,
    Look forward to more posts and hope this helps someone

    • Hello Karen: Thank you for your comment. I love the Gipsy cards as well. I have always read these cards based on the images, gut feeling of the moment on the cards and the vibes (energy) I get feel from the client.
      I want to thank you for your insights on the three cards. I approach them in a similar way. Many students (+ seasoned readers) of the Gipsy cards would certainly benefit from your special view of these cards. I will pass on your “take” on these cards in an upcoming post. The title of the post will be, “Insights on some gipsy cards by Karen.” Please don’t hesitate to make further comments. Madame Seaqueen.

  18. Hi Madame seaqueen
    Thank you so much for featuring my opinions of the gipsy cards in one of your posts. I’m enclosing my take on the last of the ‘bad boy cards ‘ Falseness. I usually read this as arguments, mistrust, defensiveness etc but recently looked at this in a new light through personal experience. The card repeatedly showed up around me, and when cards do this I take notice. With regard to a personal relationship I realised I was not showing my true feelings was I false – YES, was it malicious NO. It was self preservation on my part without any evidence I was in danger. with this in mind, here are alternative meanings.
    A cat and snake in conflict , this is quite unusual to see (dog is usual) . The cat is higher up looking down at the snake but has its back to the wall, but is holding its own. the snake has the power to devour the cat but hasn’t -a stand off but one will have to back down sooner or later. This card could mean:

    We are dealing with a unfamiliar situation that makes us feel vulnerable

    Swallow your pride and make a move – you are stronger than you think

    Someone may rightly or wrongly feel you have fallen out or could be prickly with them (or vice versa )

    We are disguising something (feelings or information) perhaps if you open up there will be nothing to fear ?

    2 people are as bad as one another !!

    Just a thought!!

    Look forward to more of your great posts,
    ps- particularly like the ‘thought’ spread find it really useful.


  19. Hi, Mme Seaqueen. I asked something about my job, and in the future 3 cards came out. Scythe on the left, cross in the middle and moon to the right. Oops not to optimistic right?

    • Hello Maria: Thanks for your comment.
      Job question: Scythe Cross Moon
      The first two cards do look challenging. Have you experienced any sudden changes in the workplace? The Cross in the middle can show hardships or additional responsibilities coming. Often Cross + Moon is karmic in nature or could be something as simple as testing your feelings about this particular job. I would have drawn another clarification card to get more info on the Moon card. Let me know how you make out. Madame Seaqueen

  20. Hello Madame Seaqueen.
    I have recently acquired a deck of the Pages of Shustah. Since I have no book on them I started searching the internet and came across a post you’d written on them. Thank you for that!
    But, I’m having a hard time with the zodiac cards. How do they work in a 3 card/ 5 card line? What do they mean in there positions? As outcome? Are they strictly referring to energy?
    I ask, because I did a reading where three of the five were zodiac. (Mountn Goat- Ram- Celestial Bees- Noisy Bird- Virgin). That is confusing me greatly. I’m not sure how to read the black cards and I need help. If you could find the time (lol) to write another post on these cards I’d be immensely appreciative!
    There’s just so little information out there on this deck….

    Blessings, and Thank you for all you do!

    • Hello Steph: Thank you for your comment. There is an entire [category] on the Pages of Shustah on the blog with many detailed posts on this deck.
      In answer to your question about the black Zodiac cards they represent people born within the 12 time frames assigned to the Zodiac signs. The two extra black cards #14 Card of Self is usually the significator or the person getting the reading. #13 Card of Destiny is more of a “fate” card – what will be will be. These black cards possess their own energy. If you know a little about Astrology you will find many similarities. For example: #1 Aries is quick energy which is impulsive, #4 Cancer can be a moody or needy energy and #8 Scorpio is a high powerful energy …and so on.
      When three black out of five cards show up there is a strong element of timing and external “universal/cosmic” influences involved. Usually there is a 3 card layout done with this deck. Since your example is five cards some Cartomancers take the middle card as the focus:
      #12 Capricorn + #1 Aries + #8 blue Bees (focus) + #5 green Noisy Seabird + #6 Virgo.
      A lot depends on if you ask a question or not. Below are a few helpful links.
      Key phrases for all 70 cards —>
      More on the black fire signs –>
      More on the red cards —>
      Join the “secret” which has a small number of elite members – here we discuss layouts, individual cards and sample readings.
      Hope that helps. Madame Seaqueen
      ADDENDUM: a number of black cards also suggest that more than one person is involved. It could be a group of people involved in the question or situation

      • Oh, wow! Thank you so much for all the great information!
        I had, indeed, asked a question for this reading (just didn’t want to put personal stuff out there, or seem like I was asking for a free reading, so I left that part out.) But still, you’ve helped me immensely, so Thank You again. I did write down all your key phrases for future reference, and I’ll be taking lots of notes from those links :)
        You’re the best!


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