57.Consolante Sorpresa 11.Surprise

The card below is identical to the Surprise card in the Gypsy Oracle Cards ( Sibilla della Zingara)  It is the 6 of F which translates to 6 of Clubs. F standing for flowers. Research tells me it is from the Italian version.

The unexpected surprise. Look at the bag which is inside the fishing net. It almost looks like the waves brought the bag right into the fishing net with little effort. The man in the image doesn’t look like a fisherman and he could have actually found the fishing net filled with the bag. The mood of this card is money. It is a positive experience like someone paying you back, receiving a refund or making a profit.

If you see this card in the future you will receive something of value most likely money. If this card is behind your Significator card there is a good indication there was an outlay of money in the past. Whatever this is past or future it occurred without much struggle.

When this card is in the present spot of a layout open your arms and hug any abundance you have. Defining the present in Cartomancy is tricky because with Sibilla style card we use a Significator to determine past and future.  The Significator is the present. Confusing, lol. Hope not.

If you are asking about what kind of job you will get then this card points to occupations involving the movement or care taking of money.

If you asked about love/romance and who doesn’t want to know about that topic all I can say is that good karma is waiting to happen.

Any questions you have requiring a 1 card draw the answer is good, good, good. Layouts are a different story. Yes, Consolante Sorpresa is a positive influence but when you read Sibillas the next door cards can maximize or minimize the meaning.  Observe other cards before concluding a prediction.

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